Via Francigena

Thermal Via Francigena

The project was born along the Tuscan section of the itinerary with the twofold objective of providing pilgrims who have a credential with services aimed at their wellness, and, at the same time, promoting the thermal facilities located close to the route. A project which can be extended to the entire European itinerary.
Hence, travelers can combine their journey with a moment of relaxation, enjoying the benefits of these thermal waters, thanks to a discount price for pilgrims. Thermal establishments commit to welcome pilgrims with an adequate offer in relation to transport, reception and wellness of body and mind.
The richness of hot springs along the Via Francigena is also one of the research areas of rurAllure, a three-year project financed by the European Union that deals with the promotion of heritage located near the main pilgrimage routes in Europe. The project brings together around twenty organisations, associations and universities from all over Europe, and the EAVF is one of these. For more information: click here.