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Walks and Routes, 16th April: the deadline for the Santa Margherita call

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Redazione AEVF

Until noon of the 16th April 2018 applications to participate in the valorisation lease will be accepted – ex art. 3 bis of the D.L. n. 351/2001, up to 50 years, of the “Former Santa Margherita school” in Strada Santa Margherita 81, S.P. 71, Fidenza, in the province of Parma.

The property, owned by the municipality of Fidenza, is part of the network project of the Agenzia del Demanio, promoted by MIBACT and MIT, which aims at the redevelopment and reuse of public buildings located along cycle paths and historical-religious routes. The call is open to all and to participate you must present a proposal that includes not only the redevelopment project of the asset, but also the offer of a fee.

The school complex of about 550 square meters of floor space is located in a rural area and more precisely in the Santa Margherita district of the town of Fidenza. Immersed in the countryside, it is well connected to the city and easily accessible. It is a rural building, designed in 1900, which still maintains the original structure with decorative features typical of the beginning of the century. In recent years it has been used as a museum of agricultural civilisation.

Some clarifications: each competitor must propose the solution he considers most appropriate in compliance with the existing territorial and urban planning instruments, focusing attention on the aspects indicated in the Call for Proposals. The successful bidder will carry out all the recovery, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations and the related works envisaged in the project proposal presented, within a 36 month period from the signing of the concession/lease agreement.

It is not possible to sublet to third parties, but all or part of the management activities envisaged in the project can be subcontracted to third parties. Therefore, in the light of this consideration, the real estate, even under single business direction, could host some of the following functions: hospitality; catering; sale of typical products and zero km food, wine and local crafts; specialised material sale for cyclists and walkers; specialised complementary services (e.g. equipped areas, bike and taxi services, small cycle stations, cycle shops, cargo food); a local promotion office; a tourist office; an info point; a territorial area; social activities and events; recreational, cultural, creative services, complementary for users with specific needs (e.g. children, the elderly, the disabled, etc.); personal services; training areas dedicated to the themes of slow tourism and professionalism in the sector; a supervised medical clinic with first aid, physiotherapy, wellness centre and SPA etc.

A conditional offer on obtaining any type of loan is not eligible, but there are many financing opportunities that the Region of Emilia Romagna, with the European structural funds, will make available for future deals. Last but not least, it is important to clarify that future possibilities of purchase of the property are not lacking, according to the provisions of paragraph 4 of art. 3-bis of the D.L. n. 351/2001, according to which “at the end of the period of time provided for concessions and leases referred to in this article, the owner recognises the Concessionaire/Lessee, where there is no need for use for institutional purposes, the right of pre-emption for the purchase of the asset, at the market price“.

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Walks and Routes, 16th April: the deadline for the Santa Margherita call