Via Francigena

Walking the Via Francigena listening to Jack Jaselli

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Redazione AEVF

The EAVF continues LIVE broadcasts on its Instagram page @viefrancigene_AEVF hosting inspirational guests, walkers, artists and writers. On 21 May we met with Jack Jaselli – a singer, musician, author and a globetrotter pilgrim.Jack has released 4 albums and played alongside numerous artists, including Ben Harper, Gavin DeGraw, Xavier Rudd, Jack Savoretti. He has also collaborated and dueted with Jovanotti, Gue Pequeno, Elodie and Danti.

In 2019 he embarked on a beautiful slow-moving musical tour, presenting the album “Torno a casa” in 15 concerts, 40 stages and 800 km on foot along the Via Francigena. A fascinating journey on foot with the guitar, which then becomes a documentary broadcast, produced by Discovery Italia / Real Time.

In his project, focused on slow travel and creativity, music and traveling blend and rise together, giving new vital energy to the ancestral path of the Via Francigena.

After performing in front of stadiums, we were wondering why Jack decided to undertake this tour at a walking pace and what it feels like to play in unique places such as woods, medieval towers and historic and artistic sites. What leaves an experiential journey of this kind in the heart, between stories and discoveries in the beautiful country – were topics of our discussion.