Via Francigena

Viterbo, the pilgrim benediction ceremony

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In the Church of San Pellegrino, in the historical and medieval centre of Viterbo, the Pilgrim’s Benediction (of the pouch and bordone) will be celebrated.

The blessing is offered to all pilgrims who traverse the Via Francigena with Christian devotion.

Walking along the Via Francigena you will cross ancient woods, medieval towns, breath-taking landscapes and visit places of singular beauty. Take care of yourself (especially your feet) but don’t neglect the hiking spirit. Along the way there are many opportunities to stop, recover physical strength and to reinvigorate the soul. In Viterbo, in the church of San Pellegrino, pilgrims can stop for a moment to reflect, meditate, to pray to ask for the protection of Mary and resume the last stretch to the Tomb of the Apostle Peter, an attraction for millions of pilgrims and cradle of Christianity“.

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