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Vie Francigene Festival: Sofia Bracalenti’s Experience

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Redazione AEVF

The 2019 edition of the European Festival “Vie Francigene, Cammini, Ways, Chemins 2019” is dedicated to the theme of “The Feminine Way. Sensitivity in Human and Natural Landscapes “. Our journey with this year’s accounts continues with Sofia Bracalenti.

Passionate about the animal world since she was a child, always enchanted by the beauty of nature and art, thrilled by the wonder of going into the mountains and evermore in love with the Marche where she was born and still lives in the countryside; Sofia found the perfect link to combine all this through meeting donkeys 20 years ago. A Mountain Guide registered with the Marche Alpine Guides College takes travellers on an excursion in the footsteps of donkeys, discovering the beauty of Mother Earth.

Donkeys are, in fact, extraordinary traveling companions who, with their personality, make the walk unique: the intelligence, curiosity, gentleness and patience of this animal means walkers can be relieved from the weight of their backpacks to proceed along a slow and harmonious course to really observe and enjoy their surroundings. In addition to walking in the company of our long-eared friends, Sofia lives with them and looks after them every day, thus increasingly nurturing the trusting relationship between humans and donkeys, which enriches every experience with them.

Absorbing the area from a donkey’s perspective during excursions inevitably leads to finding an endless variety of wild herbs and colourful flowers along the paths! Walking with them you will soon find yourself choosing to stay in a rich meadow to give the donkeys a good meal and allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of the places surrounding you with the sweet sound of their grazing in the background…- explains Sofia – a slow pace and braying for all!“.