Via Francigena

Via Francigena runs for the title “My Favourite GR” in France

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

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The 4th edition of the competition “My favourite GR“, managed by the French Hiking Federation (Fédération Française de Randonnée) has started. Eight long-distance routes are competing this year to win the title of French favourite route and the Via Francigena is one of them!

This year, the competing trails have strong historic, coastal, mountainous or even urban soundings. Via Francigena is a great example of a route combining all of these elements into a great walking experience, cultural discovery, landscape enjoyment and a gastronomy journey. Labelled GR145 since 2018 by the French Hiking Federation, the Via Francigena stretches from Calais to Jougne on the Swiss border, bearing white and red stripes typical for French signage system.

During 47 stages in France one will cross 3 regions, each of them having its own particularity and authenticity. Crossing Hauts-de-France you will discover typical architecture of northern France with its “beffrois” and timbered houses. The region also bears memory of WWI and WWII, battlefields and memory trails.

Grand Est from Berry-au-Bac to Coublanc – the region is famous for the Champagne vineyards, which you will be crossing for several days. The Reims Cathedral – the coronation venues of French kings and Langres – one of the most beautiful fortified cities in Europe are not to be missed along the way!

In Bourgogne-Franche-Compté you will discover the Jura mountains, receive warm welcome by coloured varnished tiles of Besancon and greatly enjoy Burgundy wine and Compté cheese.

It has become even easier to navigate along the Via Francigena in France thanks to the publication of a new official guide from Canterbury to Grand St Bernard Pass, providing practical information about the route.

The final decision for the competition will be done by voters, who can choose one itinerary and vote online in November 2020 on

 Vote Via Francigena and support the EAVF in its work!

 More information about the Via Francigena in France:

Interactive map
Guide from Canterbury to Grand St Bernard Pass
Accommodations along the route

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