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Via Francigena, our partnership with Banca Generali Private

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Redazione AEVF

Public and private together for the development of the Via Francigena. The strategic partnership between the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF) and Banca Generali Private is on its way.

The project involves a private banking entity for the first time, towards the development of the Council of Europe’s cultural route. The collaboration was presented in Piacenza, on Monday 26th November with the EAVF, Banca Generali Private, trade associations, local associations and administrators of the Francigena municipalities in Emilia Romagna.

Present at the conference were: Massimo Tedeschi (EAVF President), Alessandro Mauri (Area Manager Emilia Romagna and Tuscany – Banca Generali Private), Sami Tawfik (EAVF project manager), Fabio Tamburnotti (Banca Generali private Piacenza), Vito Redaelli, architect and university professor at the Polytechnic of Milan and Andrea Tagliaferri of the Fiorenzuola in Movimento association.

The support of the private bank, part of the first Italian financial group – Assicurazioni Generali, reinforces the activities carried out by the EAVF together with local authorities, municipalities and associations. There have been several projects over the years, on a regional and local level, for the development of hospitality and protection of the landscape in Emilia Romagna: from “Francigena in Comune” to “Benvenuto Pellegrino” and the walks of “I Love Francigena”.

This precious synergy with Banca Generali Private is part of the network of collaboration with the territory. It is important to embrace both those who enjoy and live along Via Francigena in order to create a welcoming community” underlines the EAVF president, Massimo Tedeschi.

The attention to heritage fully reflects the philosophy of Banca Generali Private which has numerous initiatives on a national level: “The collaboration with the EAVF is part of our social balance sheet as a bank, we are really pleased to show our attention to the territory and therefore also enhance the small villages and towns along the Francigena. Just as we protect the heritage of our customers, we also protect the artistic and human cultural heritage of our beautiful country. On Monday we started a journey that we hope will last and develop over time to become a stable partnership“, adds Alessandro Mauri, Area Manager of Emilia Romagna and Tuscany – Banca Generali Private.

The collaboration with Banca Generali Private starts with a pilot phase and could extend to a national level in the future. The first concrete action has already been defined: the goal is to replicate the format conceived by the EAVF “I Love Francigena” project with a new 2019 edition. The 2018 event took place between Parma and Piacenza in collaboration with APT Emilia Romagna and sold out, bringing a hundred enthusiasts along the two sections of the route. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the Via Francigena, enhancing the environment and local areas that are increasingly attentive to slow tourism.

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