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Via Francigena meets Saint Olav Ways route: best practice exchange at the Saint Olav Autumn Meeting

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (EAVF) participated in the Autumn Meeting of the Saint Olav Ways, which took place on 15 October 2019 in Hamar, Norway.

The Autumn Meeting is the biggest and most important event for the St Olav Ways in Norway, bringing together representatives of the route’s management, directors of regional pilgrim’s centres and representatives of local authorities.

The EAVF, represented by Ms Elena Dubinina, shared its experience of the tourism impact evaluation along the route and presented latest statistics and pilgrim’s profile. The EAVF suggested potential spheres of cooperation between the routes, such as environmental awareness and capacity building and development of indicators and statistical tools.

The EAVF also conducted technical visits to the regional pilgrim’s centres of Hamar and Granavollen, learning about their functions, objectives and importance for local community.

The Council of Europe Cultural Route of St Olav is a network of paths through Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, leading pilgrims to Nidaros Cathedral, in Trondheim, Norway, where Saint Olav lies buried.

Olav II Haraldsson, later known as St. Olav, was King of Norway from 1015 to 1028. After he fell in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030 he was declared a martyr and a saint, which led to the propagation of his myth. For centuries after his death, pilgrims made their way through Scandinavia, along routes leading to Nidaros Cathedral, in Trondheim, where Saint Olav lies buried

The St Olav’s Autumn Meeting was a great success and represents a beginning of a cooperation between two pilgrim’s routes – in the North and South of Europe.

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