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Via Francigena live on Facebook: discover the European itinerary

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The live emissions on Facebook by the European Association of the Via Francigena ways continue –  a small but effective contribution for everyone to feel cosy, close to each other and recomforted, but also a great moment to get to know fellow pilgrims, give confidence and courage in facing this period and looking towards a near future of tired muscles and dusty boots on the road.

The first live appointment – much followed and participated! – took place last Friday on 3 April, when Elisa Peruzzi talked about preparations for the trip and departure. Check the calendar of her upcoming interventions here.

Each Tuesday we are happy to host an intervention about the trails of the Via Francigena. Tuesday 7 April at 18:00 we will leave for a 3200 km journey along the European route, going “backwards”! Yes, we want to start from the end, from the stretch of the Via Francigena in the South, the latest certified arrival in the Francigena family.

The lives on upcoming Tuesdays take us back to North Italy and the European stretch, narrating about the Italian part of the itinerary in the centre and the north of the country, then the Swiss section and finally the French part.

Below is the schedule of meetings, which take place always at 18:00:

Tuesday 14 April, 18.00, in Italian

Paralympic athlete Andrea Devicenzi will accompany us along the stretch of the Via Francigena from the Great Saint Bernard Pass to Rome.

Tuesday 21 April, 18.00, in French

Julien Moulin, the author of the first official guide from Canterbury to the Great Saint Bernard Pass, and Christian Schuele, historian, will talk to us about the Swiss trail and the guide.

Tuesday 28 April, 18.00, in French

Martine Gautheron, Vice President of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways, and Leslie Maussang, the head of the EAVF office in France, will lead us to discover the French and English sections.

Tuesday 5 May, 18.00, in English

Velia Coffey, former Vice President of the European Association of the Via Francigene, will face up to the zero km in Canterbury and the 2,000 km bike experience on the Via Francigena to Rome.

We have deliberately chosen our hosts – passionate walkers, profound connoisseurs of the respective trails and the entire route, professionally interested in route’s development. Various guests will be introduced by Luca Bruschi, the EAVF director.

During the live emission on Tuesday 7 April, we will speak with Angelofabio Attolico, the EAVF technical coordinator of the southern section of the Via Francigena and a referent of the paths on behalf of the Apulia Region. Angelofabio is an important Francigena resource and lookout, nothing moves on the Southern stretch without him knowing! A friend and a supporter of the route, he most generously invests himself into the Way to bring values to people and territories.

Angelo will talk to us about the Via Francigena in the South – perhaps less known, but one of the most spectacular route in the Francigena family. He will narrate about its practicability, technical details, next objectives and upcoming guide on the southern section.

A 900 km long virtual journey, which will surely bring many of us to discover it personally.

See you on Tuesday 7 April at 18.00 on our Facebook page @ViaFrancigenaCulturalRoute!

We are waiting for you!