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Via Francigena live! 10 live emissions about routes and slow tourism

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In these motionless days we would like to feel closer with wayfarers and walkers, that is why we decided to raise voices about the experience of the journey and speak up about different moments of a slow travel, the discovery of a less known sections of the Via Francigena and simple practical advice for those who have yet to take their first step.


We will meet virtually, starting from Friday 3 April, every Tuesday and Friday at 18:00 for ten emissions with lovers of walking and slow tourism, connoisseurs and experts of the entire European route of the Via Francigena.

It will (almost!) be like meeting someone on the road at the end of a busy day of walking. But instead of a hostel and a well-deserved beer at the end of the stage, we will see each other live on our Facebook page @ViaFrancigenaCulturalRoute and Instagram @viafrancigena_aevf profile.

Those who will speak and answer your live questions – are people who travelled many kilometeres of the Via Francigena and other paths on foot with their eyes and hearts wide open.

The first live meeting “On The Way” will be narrated by Elisa Peruzzi, a pilgrim and an actress, who for the next four Friday emissions will accompany us in the most significant phases of the journey on foot: the departure, the first steps, the way and the arrival at the final destination … which is nothing but a beginning of a new trip!

Last year Elisa travelled on foot for 2,800 km from Desenzano del Garda to Santiago de Compostela and shared her travel emotions on Radio Francigena.

Below is the complete schedule of the live emissions:

Friday, 3 April at 18.00 in Italian language


A pilgrim, a travel idea, a departure. What steps to take before leaving?

Friday 10 April at 18.00 in Italian language


That step that starts the journey. What do you bring with you?

Friday 17 April at 18.00 in Italian language


The billions of steps between the first and the last: what is happening inside and outside of us?

Friday 24 April at 18.00


The end of the Way, therefore the new beginning of all the rest.

For several years Elisa has been walking the paths to Santiago de Compostela. In 2019 she walked alone from Desenzano del Garda, in the province of Brescia, to Santiago de Compostela and then Finisterre.

This year she was keen to carry out a project that would lead her to travel the entire Italian Via Francigena, from Valle D’Aosta to Apulia, bringing on stage a theatrical performance of a monologue that deals with paths, travels, emotions related to move slowly from one point to another.

For Elisa this would have been the way to unite her two hearts, her two loves: slow travel and art.

She should have left on 15 May 2020, but unfortunately this will not be possible due to the health emergency. The Way teaches us to live day to day, to be patient, to accept everything that comes without offering resistance. And this is how Elisa lives her quarantine: with a pilgrim spirit.

Elisa will be present in the live broadcasts to tell us about the emotions, fears, joys, pain and funny jokes about traveling on foot. She will be available to answer all questions you want to ask. We will dream, share, be together … as we do in the evening among pilgrims on the route.

The next four Tuesdays will be dedicated to the Via Francigena itinerary, from Canterbury to Santa Maria di Leuca. A journey of 3200 km! We will start on April 7 by talking about the work in progress in the last of the certified sections, perhaps still little known, but certainly one of the most spectacular: the Via Francigena in the South that goes from Rome to Santa Maria di Leuca.

The complete calendar of the other lives will be available shortly!

See you every Tuesday and Friday at 18.00 live on our Facebook page @ViaFrancigenaCulturalRoute and Instagram @viafrancigena_aevf profile!

We are waiting for you!