Via Francigena

Via Francigena, being resolved the problem of access to Rome

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One of the most important issues of via Francigena was the access that the pedestrian route to Rome: in fact the pilgrims were forced to walk for about 800 m on a busy stretch of via Trionfale without sidewalks.
Thanks to teamwork Association Gruppo dei Dodici, Roma Natura, the twentieth Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region Department of Culture, it seems that finally it is coming to a very interesting solution, which will cross the Ring Highway on via Cassia, and will cross the beautiful green area of Insugherata before joining current path in the area of Monte Mario.
The route has already been changed even in the area of Monte Mario, and the latest version through the green area offering wonderful views of Rome, before coming to the classic viewpoint of Mount Joy, from where to admire the dome St. Peter’s.

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