Via Francigena

“Via Francigena, an European Road from Great St. Bernard to Rome

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The Guidebook “Via Francigena, an European Road from Great St. Bernard to Rome is ready in the English version.

The guide, following Sigerico’s jorney, the Canterbury archbishop, recommends to the reader a series of historical and toruist itineraries, all in close proximity of the Italian portion of the ancient Rome paty, divided in several stages from Great St. Bernard to Rome along the cross regions. Among the proportions: the Valle d’Aosta castles, the Canavese, the Oltrepò Pavese, the Emilia of the Verdi’s country, the Liguria of the Cinque Terre, the Tuscany of the UNESCO sites, the Etruscan Tuscia.

Several paths you can go though, even in separate stages in a weekend, by car or motorbike, or according to the slow tourism trends, by bike, walking or riding, in order to live the journey in a real and emotional mood.

You can find also useful tips about where to get informed, eat and sleep along the Via Francigena.

The guide, in Italian and English version, is published under the European Association Francigena Ways patronage
The guide is available on the  bookshop EAVF  and in the main Italian libraries starting from June 2017.

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Distribution Manager, Distribuzione libri
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The authors:
Riccardo BAUDINELLI, born in La Spezia, archeologist, took part in several axcavations in Italy and abroad. For Mattioli 1885 he is author of the guides Sardegna Archeologica, Castelli del Mistero, Seguendo Garibaldi, Giuseppe Verdi and coauthor of the guide Gerusalemme

Luca BRUSCHI, a degree in Cultural Heritage, a master in Tourism and great expereince in international design and communication, since 2004 he has been working for the development of te European cultural itineraries. He traveled the Via Francigena, the Camino de Santiago and other European historical routes.