Via Francigena

Via Francigena, a pilgrim hostel in San Germano Vercellese

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

A new hostel will open along the Via Francigena. On Sunday 8th April at 11:30am, the new pilgrim hostel of the Via Francigena in San Germano Vercellese will be inaugurated.

The structure, managed by the association of Friends of the Via Francigena in San Germano Vercellese, can be found at piazza Garibaldi 1 and is a communal residence equipped with four beds, a lounge, and kitchen with an electric hob, bedroom and services. 

Open from April to the end of October, the new hostel has a washing machine, a fridge, a coffee machine, snack machine and its own pilgrim passport stamp. Just 150m from the official Via Francigena route, the hostel hosts pilgrims for 10 euros per night (15 euros for use of additional services or the electric hob).

In the new hostel a multi-language brochure will be available, which provides details of San Germano’s history and culture, and gives useful information on services which can be found in the city. The door key will be available from an appointed individual who lives above the hostel. Telephone numbers can be found in the entrance in case the assigned individual is not present upon arrival. 

How to get there: from via Cavour, road marked on the via Francigena, turn right onto via Deabate until corso Matteotti, turn left and after a few metres, along corso Matteotti, at no. 60 there is an opening to the courtyard (cortile del fabbricato) where the hostel is found. The entrance is signposted in corso Matteotti. 

For more information, send an email to

Contact: Federico Berti (president of Associazione Amici della via Francigena di San Germano Vercellese) at 3771136597