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Variante Cimina of the Via Francigena: Competition for water distributor and information totem

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The competition for architecture and engineering students for under 35’s is a go, for the design of an information totem and a water distributor.


The municipality of Capraola, in collaboration with the municipalities of Ronciglione and Carbognano, has launched an ideas competition reserved for students of architecture, engineering and design school, both public and private, and to all young professionals of the European Union of under 35 years of age, for the design of two features of external furniture, an multi-purpose information totem, and a water bottle distributor of any form that you develop and complete, in a project carried out in terms of environmental and artisanal compatibility.  

The competition is a part of the “I Territori della Variante Cimina della via Francigena” project, financed by the regional band for the “Valorizzazione e promozione turistica dei Borghi del Lazio da parte dei Comuni”, or in other words the ‘touristic development and promotion of the villages of Lazio on behalf of the municipalities’.

Among the design activities is predicted the realisation of a multi-purpose totem and a water bottle distributor to characterise the route and assure the travellers of a greater availability of the territory, even from a water supply perspective.  

The image of the two design elements must be coordinated and reflect the emotion of the places; the materials used must be long-lasting and integrate well chromatically in an environment and landscape of great value.  Each of these elements will be placed in the territory of the municipalities involved in the financed project, along the Variante Cimina part of the Via Francigena.

A prize of 700 euro will be given to the best design project. Registration is open until the 25th August while the compositions of the projects must be submitted by the 21st September. 


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Source: Francigena New