Via Francigena

Tuscany Quintessence, the Via Francigena on the Back of an E-Bike

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Redazione AEVF

Tuscany Quintessence is a Tour Operator created by Tuscan travel enthusiasts, specializing in tours with e-bikes, the pedal-assisted bicycle.

The offered proposals are designed for every need and are suitable for beginners, families and expert bikers.

“Our dream is to create perfect conditions for your unforgettable holiday in Tuscany. The success of an unforgettable holiday also passes through the harmonization of multiple experiences that, mixed wisely, generate something special” explains Alberto Lombardi, founder and CEO of Tuscany Quintessence.

Five essential elements that mean a total travel immersion, five essential components to live an experience: adventure, art and history, nature, wellness and food.

Tuscany Quintessence is the new partner of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways (EAVF); with its original e-bike travel proposal on the Tuscan stretch of the route, it invites experts and beginners of cycling holidays to live a special experience of immersion in history and Francigena wonders with a different perspective of riding a pedal-assisted bicycle.

Alberto, the bicycle trip is considered more physically demanding than the journey on foot, many people do not feel able to do it. How much physical preparation is required and “fatigue” to be expected on an e-bike trip?

“You touched a central point of discussion, back in a day it was exactly like that! The e-bike made a wonderful revolution, in fact it allows you to live a cycle touring experience eliminating the fear of not being able to keep up with the rest of the group, to slow down the others, to struggle beyond the threshold of fun. And then it is very easy to ride, like a normal bike. The bicycle trip has always been considered too physically demanding, a dream of many but suitable for a few. Today the dream can come true, try it to believe it!”

Although the e-bike is becoming more popular today, there are still many doubts about this transport type. What are the reasons for choosing a trip with this kind of bicycle?

“We think of a couple, a group of friends or a family; it is very difficult for the group to have a balanced training level, and inevitably it can discourage them. The less trained can simply take advantage of the assistance offered by the e-bike to fill the gap, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the view, the company and the day outdoors. So now it is possible to live this active experience together, a new world opens!
In particular, we at Tuscany Quintessence love electric mountain bikes because they allow you to discover Tuscany by safely traveling paths surrounded by nature, regenerating scents and sounds, enchanted by deep panoramas, which reach the soul”.

The Via Francigena is an ideal route to slowly discover the area, whether on foot or by bicycle, therefore we believe that it is a great choice to include it among your travels. So far, what are your considerations as Tour Operator regarding the proposals on the itinerary?

“The Via Francigena represents for us the ideal way to discover Tuscany. In fact, the five components that characterize the travel experience – adventure, nature, art and history, food and wellness – are all within reach along the Via Francigena! When properly mixed, they transform an active holiday into an engaging, regenerating experience. Physical activity, moments of silence, pleasant bike conversations, Tuscan landscapes, medieval villages, the fun of a cooking class or relaxation at the spa, are like musical instruments that playing together, as in a concert, create an experience that goes far beyond the components themselves. This is the true soul of our itineraries. “

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