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The Walking Pilgrim: an interactive map of the main routes across Europe

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Redazione AEVF

The site of an English pilgrim allows free prints for maps of the main pilgrimage routes crossing Europe Peter Robins, fan of the Camino de Santiago and routes of pilgrimage in general, has created a site with interactive maps of great utility for those who want a long journey on foot through Europe.
The walking pilgrim, the name of his site, lets have an overview of the major European routes directly on a map that you can change the basis of raster mapping between the local geographical service and Web services such as Open Street Map, and Google (
The routes on the maps are coloured red and blue: the first indicates the existence of an ancient path, without details. Much more interesting are blue routes, which are mapped more or less accurately.
To know the details of a blue trail just click on the track, and you open a balloon that explains where they were collected geographical data. Generally come from external sites, including ours, that are properly cited and linked.
GPS tracks and Google, if present, are only downloadable from the sites of origin. If you want to view and print the map of any location, pick the base map (eg. IGM, Open Street or Google) to set the desired scale and press the printer icon on the left of the map.

To see the result pdf download the sample of an IGN map and an IGM one.

In this way, with great simplicity, you can print a free map of your next journey.

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