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The Via Francigena participates in the meeting of the French Ministry of Culture about cultural itineraries

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

On February 2, the French Ministry of Culture invited the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe based in France to participate in an important videoconference chaired by the Head of Department Bruno Favel and by the Head of Culture and Tourism Nicolas Monquaut. The Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Stefano Dominioni, also participated.

The meeting focused on sustainable tourism strategies and the development of cultural itineraries that cross France, one of the countries with the largest number of certified itineraries. France has always been closely connected with the Council of Europe Program, which was launched back in 1987. The itineraries featured in the Program should not be considered only as tourist routes: they also represent a fundamental resource for the attractiveness of the territories, for responsible cultural tourism and sustainable development.

The meeting with the ministry laid the foundations for the discussion aimed at defining common actions for the upcoming two years. A working group will be meeting in the near future to define these strategic objectives more precisely, involving some representatives of cultural itineraries as well.
Attending the meeting on EAVF’s behalf was vice president Martine Gautheron, director Luca Bruschi, and the new head of development for France/Switzerland, Jacques Chevin.

The meeting was also a good occasion to present our upcoming “Road to Rome 2021” event to the French Ministry and the other cultural itineraries. “Road to Rome 2021” is scheduled to take place from June to October this year between Canterbury, Rome and Santa Maria di Leuca.
The initiative will be a golden opportunity to create a network of cultural itineraries that cross all the municipalities along the way!