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The Via Francigena on TV with “Kilimanjaro”

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Redazione AEVF

The Via Francigena returns to the small screen. On Sunday 4th February, Rai 3 “Kilimangiaro” aired the first of two reports on Sigeric’s ancient route which connects Canterbury to Rome.

The report, edited by Linda Tugnoli and named “La felicita in cammino” (happiness on foot), narrates the first half of the route, from the km zero point to Reims. The documentary, 10 minutes long, covers the story of this medieval arterial route, explaining the diary of Sigeric, the Archbishop of Canterbury, retiring from Rome in 990, in which he noted the 79 rest-stops of his journey. A journey now taken up by modern pilgrims.

It illustrates and highlights the characteristics of the first legs hikers will come across along the Francigena in England to Dover where they will embark on the ferry to the north of France. From Calais, through the woods and grain fields until reaching the towers of Laon with its majestic cathedral in Picardia. The woods open up to the vineyards until arriving at Reims.

Breath-taking views display the Francigena route from a naturalistic, historical and cultural route. On Sunday 18th February the second part of the report will be aired which will take viewers to the Great St Bernard Pass.

Click this LINK to watch the first documentary.


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