Via Francigena

The Via Francigena on bike + train

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Anyone who makes the journey along the Via Francigena on bike will necessarily have to take the train, whether to go back home or to reach the chosen starting point. If you would like to know which bus/train lines serve the locations on the Via, you can check out the section titled The Via Francigena on foot + train and bus.

However, the transport service for bikes is not always possible. Therefore, it is always advisable to verify bus schedules and services offered at every section of the journey on the Trenitalia website.

It is important to remember that you have to pay an extra ticket to carry the bike on the train, which costs 3,50€, independently by the length of the journey and which lasts 24 hours. The ticket can also be purchased from the self-service machine, searching for the entry “other services”. You can find further details on the Trenitalia website.

The wagon designated to the transport of bikes can be found whether at the beginning or at the end of the train: in order to know where to place yourself along the platform, you can directly ask to the station master. Below, you can find a few useful pieces of information for the “two-wheels” travellers.

  • Great St Bernard Pass. The Pass is reachable, exclusively from the Swiss side, using the St. Bernard Express service that allows as well to charge to bikes. The buses that reach the Pass from the Italian side do not allow to charge the bikes; so the only opportunity to reach the Pass is to rent a car with a driver. It is not possible to charge bikes on the buses that leave from Aosta.

  • From Aosta to Vercelli. Not all the trains of the Chivasso – Aosta line are enabled to transport bikes.

  • From Vercelli to Piacenza. Trenord regional trains of the Vercelli – Pavia and Pavia – Cremona lines are not enabled to transport bikes. It is, however, expected an improvement of the service, with a new generation of trains.

  • From Siena to Viterbo. Only a few trains, on the Siena – Grosseto line, can transport bikes.

  • From Viterbo to Rome. Not all the trains of the Viterbo – Rome line are enabled to transport bikes.

From Rome to home. It may takes longer to come back to the starting point. In fact, it is not allowed to load bikes on Intercity trains, night trains and on the Frecce, unless it is possible to disassemble and wrap the bike or put it back in a specific bag (without additional costs). Alternatively, it is possible to transport your bike only on regional and interregional trains. For any further information visit the Trenitalia website. Another alternative can be to go back home using the bus service that generally allows to charge the bikes.