Via Francigena

The Via Francigena in Salento, an on the road guide

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Redazione AEVF
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The promotion of the Vie Francigene in the South has developed with cultural production and publication of texts.

The guide “Via Francigena nel Salento. Follow the yellow arrow” by Fabio Mitrotti, can be purchased online. Edited and published by the author together with Giorgia Santoro (Editor: Fondazione Moschettini).

The guide is dedicated to the journey from Brindisi to Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca and, as the authors explain: “It is born from the desire to allow anyone to walk freely on the Via Francigena in Salento […] A territory to be covered in each season of the year, to rediscover oneself, to get to know places, to recover the slowness that has been lost nowadays, by crossing small towns and villages“.

The guide contains some useful information concerning pharmacies, fountains, places of interest and, where possible, reception facilities. It is a photograph of the path and a reflection of the mapping, research and light signage work conducted in 2017-2018 by the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF), in collaboration with the region of Puglia and the “The House of the Hosting Communities of the Francigena Routes of southern Puglia“.

The new walking season in Puglia is the result of teamwork. From Gargano to Salento, ancient paths and tracks are under development thanks to integrated action on an institutional level to achieve the goal of extending the certification of “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” to the South, a decision made by the EAVF Assembly in agreement with the Council of Europe. This certification is linked primarily to the mapping of the route and the infrastructure along the route, in compliance with established European standards.

Vie Francigene nel Sud is therefore a project in continuous evolution. The updated information on the route, maps and GPS tracks are available and can be downloaded for free on the official website

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