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The Via Francigena in Lombardy: the First Project Presentation in Somaglia

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The first of two presentations of the project “Via Francigena in the Lombardy Region. Towards the UNESCO World Heritage candidacy “ was held on 4 September 2019 at the Covazzi Castle in Somaglia, the province of Lodi.

The initiative brought together the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (AEVF), the Province of Lodi and the involved Municipalities (Orio Litta, Senna Lodigiana, Calendasco, Fombio, Guardamiglio and Somaglia) to present the actions of communication and enhancement of the Via Francigena in Lombardy, foreseen by the AEVF project. This project was selected by the Lombardy Region in the framework of the call for promotion of Lombardy UNESCO World Heritage sites and Cultural Routes.

The meeting, moderated by Mr Fede Costa, Head of Tourism and Sport of the Province of Lodi, opened with the greetings of the mayor of Somaglia, Mr Angelo Caperdoni. The AEVF, represented by the Vice President Mr Francesco Ferrari, the Project Managers Mr Sami Tawfik and Mr Luca Fravelli, and the publisher Mr Stefano Guidotti, illustrated the projects implemented by the Association: the network of accommodation facilities and services “Visit Vie Francigene”,  an agreement with Trenord, the series of walks in the framework of “I Love Francigena” and other AEVF thematic projects such as “Terre della Via Francigena”, the Pilgrims Pouch and the Thermal Via Francigena.

The actions dedicated to “the Via Francigena in the Lombardy Region. Towards the UNESCO candidacy ” were in the center of attention. Mr Sami Tawfik shared with the attendees the initiatives envisaged by the project which, in addition to the development of the candidacy application of the Francigena to the UNESCO World Heritage List, also include communication activities dedicated to the Lombardy Region within the web-portal as well as the special editorial articles foreseen in the n. 48 of the official AEVF magazine “Via Francigena and the European Cultural Routes”.

The AEVF project manager then presented the development of the official maps, a very important initiative for the municipalities and local communities, crossed by the itinerary. The AEVF project foresees creation of an official map and printing of 3,500 copies of the Via Francigena in the Province of Lodi. This map will extend to the crossing of the river Pò and up to Calendasco (PC).

The next project presentation is scheduled for 24 September in Pavia, at the headquarters of the Province.

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