Via Francigena

The Via Francigena from Rome to Jerusalem

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF
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RadioRai, the Civita Association, and RaiWebRadio are the promoters of the project “An international radio program to the discovery of a Euro-Mediterranean itinerary. The Via Francigena from Rome to Jerusalem“. Heart of the initiative is the realization of itinerant radio program “From Rome to Jerusalem: the roads, the sea, our language” that will be conducted for seven weeks (May 2-June 16) live on Radio1 Rai (all day) and RaiWebRadio (from Tuesday to Saturday) by the Deputy Director of RadioRai Sergio Valzania that will travel the road from the capital to the Holy City using maps and GPS tracks produced by itinerAria with a view to developing a new map guide of the Via Francigena South.

The program From Rome to Jerusalem is the new edition of the series of transmissions Pilgrimage, a mode of innovative programming that, since 2004, RadioRai experience thanks to the use of lightweight technologies available today. The aim of the whole initiative is not, therefore, only to disseminate and promote the pilgrimage routes francigeni of our South, but also to draw attention by a largest possible number of people on the value of the path.