Via Francigena

The Tuscan Via Francigena, the series of meetings pause in Siena

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Redazione AEVF

Our appointment with “La nostra Francigena” (Our Francigena) resumes, the series of meetings for the constitution of a homogeneous touristic product of the Tuscan Francigena. After Fucecchio and Pontremoli, it begins once more in 2018 in Siena on the 12th January from Siena with a day discussion and study in Palazzo Patrizi. 


After registration from 8:30, the programme will begin from with a 9-11 session, the technical seminars coordinated by Regione Toscana Legislation and Route sector. Three thematic tables of discussion with the objective of sharing qualifying points and choices to define a homogeneous touristic product. The result will be presented in the second part of the morning by a representative of the table. 

The first table will deal with the theme of hospitality: different forms of hospitality are invited to take part for different types of travellers: hostel managers, touristic firms and jobs of various typologies, poor/ecclesiastical hospitality, the group and pro-loco municipalities, and other stakeholders of a local interest. The second table will deal with maintenance of the routes. Subjects interested in regular and special maintenance are invited to participate: technical offices of municipalities, the province and/or the metropolitan city, voluntary associations, and other maintenance operators of accessibility of Francigena tracts.

The third table will deal with the promotion and communication of the touristic product. The Tuscan regional Agency of Touristic Promotion, the Fondazione Sistema Toscana, the tourist offices of the municipalities of the group, the associations of territorial touristic firms, religious associations that operate along the Via Francigena. 

From 11 to 13 the plenary session will begin with the institutional greeting from Bruno Valentini, mayor of the municipality of Siena. At the centre of attention will be the realisation of the Via Francigena homogeneous touristic product with the presentation of the results of the discussion tables handled by Alberto Peruzzini, director of Tuscan touristic promotion. Following this a summary of work and conclusions by: Francesco Gazzetti, regional councillor  representative of the Tuscan Via Francigena, and Stefano Ciuoffo, regional assessor of productive activities, financing, commerce and tourism. Lastly, at 13 the press conference will take place. 

The Siena event precedes the next two meetings of the programme, on the 19th January in Lucca and the 26th January Florence. Four stops (Fucecchio, Pontremoli, Siena, Lucca and Florence) in four leading municipalities of the four groups for the north, central north, central south, and south, in which the 39 signatory municipalities of the convention for the constitution of the homogeneous touristic product, grouped together to take on the activity associated with the management of hospitality and touristic information, of promotion and communication of the touristic product, of the regular maintenance of excursionist routes and monitoring and analysis of touristic flow.


Download the flier of the programme.