Via Francigena

The specification for the “Spa offer along the Via Francigena” has been launched, for the creation of a thermal bath touristic product along the ancient Via

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The Via Francigena spa is an innovative project launched by the region of Tuscany in collaboration with the European Association of the Vie Francigene and the thermal spa communities along the route or within a range of 15km.

Cultural tourism of the Francigena and tourism of thermal baths: the proposal of thermal spa well-being on the road is born.

The project, directed at all thermal spa buildings within 15 kilometres of the official route, aims to add current characteristics to the Francigena route.  To offer the possibility to benefit from the spa services of the operating thermal spas along the Via Francigena to pilgrims, walkers and hikers equipped with the official Pilgrim Passport, and at a convenient price.  It is an opportunity for travellers who love to combine the slow walking experience with thermal water, and important resource for a body’s well-being.  

On Tuesday 31st October, at the municipality of Gambassi Terme, which is coordinating the network of spa municipalities along the route, a meeting took place attended by the region of Tuscany, the representatives of the Francigena spa municipalities, the EAVF and FEDERTERME.  The registration specification for this project was presented during the meeting and 14 thermal spas are now involved.  

For Massimo Tedeschi, EAVF President, “the alliance between the cultural tourism of the Francigena and the thermal spa tourism, that the great project presented today establishes, supported by the creativity and initiative of the private operators, generates interest and dynamism in the whole area.  It is also fundamental that the project is on a European scale, since the Via Francigena must guarantee a uniform standard of hospitality from Canterbury to Rome.  I guarantee that the Association will support the project for the best outcome possible”.

The project is also concerned with the route of historical European thermal spa cities, certified by the Council of Europe.  Also present at the meeting of Gambassi Terme was the President Giuseppe Bellandi (mayor of Montecatini).

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