Via Francigena

The recovered Cathedral: the route revealed by its sacred sculptures.

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The restoration of the splendid antelamic face of the Cathedral of Fidenza has now finished.  The statues and the low reliefs, sculpted during the XII and XIII centuries are brought to light once more, directing pilgrims on the Via Francigena who, after months of strenuous work, can find themselves before a jewel of the historical route.   

Simon Apostolus eundi Roman Sanctus demonstrat hanc viam” said inscription can be found between the hands of Simon the Apostle, above his column, that for centuries observes the passing of pilgrims on their way to Rome


The most important institutions of the town were in attendance at the conference concluding the restoration, side by side with experts in the sector and professionals that collaborated in the realisation of this enormous and necessary conservation intervention.  On the 14th June, at the Church of San Giorgio Martire in Fidenza, the BishopCarlo Mazza, the “guardian” of the Cathedral; the mayor, Andrea Massari; the art historian, Arturo Carlo Quintavalle; the restoration architect, Barbara Zilocchi with her team representing the ‘Opificio delle pietre dure – Mibact’, as well as the Soprintendenza, all said their part on the restoration works that took place.   

The event concluded with the benediction of the face which, with periodical maintenance and conservation works, will continue to display its masterpieces and to cause the lingering of pilgrims as they pass, who, with the play of light and mastery of this work, can imagine tracing the steps of their ancient “colleagues” and turning their attention to the same characteristics.  

Luca Faravelli