Via Francigena

The Pleasures of Piacenza and the Via Francigena

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Redazione AEVF

For pilgrims who once travelled along the path of the Via Francigena, Piacenza was a resting place where pilgrims could find assistance and refreshments. The following is an itinerary through Piacenza, outlining the places and streets that were once walked by Christians on their way to Rome:

1. Calendasco Soprarivo (Ford Sigeric): today a small harbour with facilities for pilgrims and tourists (tel. +39 0523 771607 or +39 331 8768456)

2. PIAZZALE DELLE CROCIATE: ‘Crusades Square’ boasts the beautiful Basilica of S. Maria di Campagna.

3. PIAZZA BORGO: the square is dominated by the church of St. Bridget.

4. PIAZZA CAVALLI: ‘Square of Horses’: acting as a backdrop to the public square is the Gothic palace, built in 1281.

5. CHURCH OF S. FRANCIS: built in the Gothic style between 1278 and 1365.

6. PIAZZA S. ANTONINO: a square where the two roads, the Via Postumia (to Pavia) and the Via Emilia, intersect.

7. CHURCH OF S. ANTONINO: founded as an ancient Christian basilica in the fourth century, the current building dates back to the eleventh century.  The Via Francigena skirts around it.   

8. DUOMO-CATHEDRAL OF PIACENZA: a splendid example of Emilian Romanesque architecture.  Construction began in 1122 and was completed in 1341.

9. CHURCH OF S. SAVINO: consecrated in 1107 and dedicated to San Savino, second bishop of Piacenza.

10. S. LAZZARO: This area was used during the Middle Ages to receive and isolate sick travellers and lepers.

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