Via Francigena

The Lands of the Via Francigena, the EAVF project dedicated to its territories

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Using the fame of the Via Francigena to enhance local routes and attractions of the area. This is the aim of the “The Lands of the Via Francigena” project launched by the European Association of the Vie Francigene (EAVF).

Sigeric’s ancient route crosses places of extraordinary beauty that deserve to be explored slowly: forgotten villages, authentic flavours and enchanting landscapes. “The Lands of the Via Francigena” project offers a journey to discover the territories connected to the route through excursions and “slow” stays aimed at cyclists, pilgrims and tourists. It is a way to experience the landscape and return to the Francigene lands, maybe on holiday with friends and relatives, encouraging the development of slow tourism.

The initiative uses an integrated communication and promotion system. There are three points of reference: the site with a section dedicated to the presentation of territories, news and events; visibility in the official EAVF portal and finally, the smartphone app. The European Association of the Vie Francigene app dedicates the “Local Networks” section to the Lands of the Via Francigena, a sort of “mini app” to get to know the routes, book accommodation and visit the most interesting attractions.

The project is an extraordinary opportunity for the realities that aim to promote internationally. The initiative has already joined “Le Vie Francigene in Lombardy”, “Lago di Viverone and surroundings” and the “Via Alta”. The project involves the provision of a package of services and products that can also be purchased individually depending on budget and requirements. The territories that adhere to “The Lands of the Via Francigena” can also create their own personalised web space, dedicated to travel proposals that coincide with the Via Francigena and “slow” paths theme.

From virtual to real: the project offers the possibility to create maps of the routes around the Via Francigena, putting them in relation to the official route. It is an opportunity to discover the territory and give visibility to the lands of a great European journey.

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