Via Francigena

The first 30 kilometres of the Via Francigena!

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

In the last weeks we “virtually” discovered the entire Via Francigena, starting with the Via Francigena of the South, then continuing with the northern Italian path, the Swiss route and then the French path last week. Finally we are going to discover the first 30 kilometres in the UK and the rest of the itinerary with three great connoisseurs of the route, who have travelled extensively on the Via.

The Via Francigena, certified as a cultural route of the council of Europe in 1994, is a pilgrimage way, an ancient commercial and military road, it is most of all an extraordinary bridge between different cultures. It is also a way of peace and of tolerance.

In this broadcast live on our Facebook page we will also talk about cycling on the route thanks to the precious contribution of Velia Coffey, cyclist and former EAVF president who has travelled the entire itinerary from Canterbury on her bike.

Both Giancarlo Laurenzi, President of the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome and Peter Morris, North Downs Way trail manager will also be with us, enriching our conversation with ideas and insights, thanks to their experience on the way and their in-depth knowledge of the itinerary.
We are thrilled to share this virtual journey!