Via Francigena

The final results of the Eurovelo 5-Via Romea Francigena project at Bike Brussels 2017 Fair

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The final results of the Eurovelo 5 Via Romea Francigena project will be presented on the occasion of the Bike Brussels 2017 Fair, on 15th September

At the heart of the European Mobility Week, with plenty initiatives devoted to bike all over Europe, the bike route project called Via Romea (Francigena), from Canterbury to Brindisi, will be presented in Brussels, at the Brussels urban bike fair.

Coordinated by the University of Lancashire, eleven partners from five EU countries have joined their efforts over 18 months thanks to the support of the European Union COSME Programme, in order to plan and develop the tourism product based on the bike route along the historic pilgrims’ ways from Canterbury, in the United Kingdom to Brindisi, in Italy, crossing France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.  The Eurovelo 5 – Via Romea Francigena (EV5-VRF) project final results include thorough national and transnational development plans, corporate design manuals, tourism packages, APP and a European website. The EV5 bike route project follows Eurovelo standards of the European Cyclist Federation, partner of the project. As project partner, the European Association of the Via Francigena has in particular coordinated the tourism product-related activities.

During this week Brussels is expected to be visited by hundreds of thousands of cyclists.

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