Via Francigena

The EAVF and Walden Viaggi on foot, the collaboration continues

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Travelling on foot is the new face of tourism. More and more people decide to experience walking at a slow pace, to be in contact with nature and culture.


There are those who walk individually for days and those who follow professional guides on weekend or group trips.

The European Association of the Vie Franigene (EAVF) has renewed their collaboration with “Walden Viaggi a piedi”, an expert tour operator EAVF partner which has organised responsible tourism journeys on foot in Italy and other countries for years, they propose numerous excursions along Sigeric’s route.

Among the various suggestions, from February to December 2018, Walden has planned one weekend per month along different tracts of the Tuscan Via Francigena to encourage those who have no experience of journeys on foot to become a part of the world of walking. For those already physically ready, one of the first 2018 proposals is in March, where we will cross the Orvieto-Sutri tract.

The Via Francigena is a synonym of Social Trekking. The format idealised by Walden Viaggi in 2012 was transformed last November, in collaboration with the EAVF, into a Francigena event in Pavia. A celebration in the city in order to get to know the area, the people, and the pilgrim hospitality of the important Lombard rest-stop. A social event in collaboration with Walden Viaggi as well as an opportunity to become a  part of the world of walking with an event to share with others.

A new edition of Social Trekking along the Via Francigena will become available in 2018. While we await the choice of city, more information on Walden Viaggi is available at this link: