Via Francigena

The Collaboration between the Municipality of Piacenza and EAVF is consolidated

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The strategic collaboration between the Municipality of Piacenza and the European Association of the Via Francigena ways continues and consolidates.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions has recently been renewed for the two-year period of 2020-2021, signed by Mayor Patrizia Barbieri and EAVF President Massimo Tedeschi. The Association will therefore continue to have an operational and representative office in Piacenza, in Palazzo Farnese, working closely with the Culture and Tourism Service for the realization of initiatives and projects that enhance the Francigena places at local, national and international level.

Simultaneously, the role of the municipal administration as a member of the EAVF Bureau is confirmed.
As the Councilor for Culture Jonathan Papamarenghi points out: “the joint effort to promote the Piacenza stretch of the Via Francigena is precious, and must aim to attract even more attention to this tourist itinerary that for several years has been the subject of great interest from pilgrims and travellers from all over the world.”

Piacenza is a destination, that fits perfectly with the experiential and slow tourism dimension, for example the programming of Destination Emilia packages and even more so in the future with a view to the VenTo cycle route, focused on the environmental and ecological sustainability of cycling tourism.

Without forgetting, – adds Papamarenghi, – an opportunity to make known how our artistic and architectural heritage is historically connected to the Via Francigena, starting with the Basilica of S. Maria di Campagna. Without a doubt, there is no shortage of work that our territory must do to be more welcoming and attractive also for this type of tourist “.

Expressing satisfaction and hoping for a further intensification of shared projects, the EAVF president Massimo Tedeschi recalls how the EAVF is “entrusted, by the Council of Europe, with the protection and enhancement of the Via Francigena: a cultural itinerary of 3200 km that connects Canterbury to Rome and, from there, to the ports of Apulia towards Jerusalem. A “way of cultures”, as the distinguished medievalist Le Goff called it, which contributes to building the Europe of peoples.”

Piacenza is an active and central part of our activities, aimed at developing a network of over 170 local members and over 60 friends’ associations which, along the four states crossed (England, France, Switzerland, Italy) have the aim of promoting a slow, sustainable tourism, attentive to the history and life of the territories “.