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Territories, hamlets and hikes: the long Festival walk continues

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The eighth edition of the European Festival of the Vie Francigena continues along a road rich with signage which promotes initiatives in the territories crossed by the cultural routes of the Council of Europe. Hundreds of events have animated the territories, communities and hamlets since the beginning of the summer focusing on the theme of “Paths. Food of the Soul”.

Sandro Polci, mind and force behind the Festival, accepted the most significant projects in the Festival’s calendar or those linked to hiking and environmental protection. Some proposals in the 2018 edition include the promotion of typical products, nature, guided tours, concerts, excursions and urban regeneration.

The long hike in the Terre mutate was one of the flag events of this year. The journey, from the 27th June to the 8th July between Fabriano and Aquila united hundreds of walkers in a hike across the mutate – lands transformed – by the earthquake to promote sustainable tourism and to contribute to the economic and social relaunch of the territory.

The Risorgimarche event also showed the Festival’s proximity to the areas affected by the earthquake. The event organised by Neri Marcoré for the areas hit by the 2016 earthquake saw the participation of the Festival director, Sandro Polci. Neri Marcoré enriched the Manifesto of Routes with his influence, adding an important symbolic contribution to the project conceived and realised by Polci. Promotion of the territory and hamlets are at the centre of the Festival; awareness confirmed by the presence of the Festival director at the “La Luna e i Calanchi” event, organised in Aliano by poet and writer, Franco Arminio.

The initiative to promote the territories crossed by routes continues. To discover more Festival events, visit:

The Festival is promoted by the European Association of Via Francigena Ways in collaboration with CIVITA and many partners.