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Tasty stop-offs along the Via Francigena. Discovering P.D.O and P.G.I. products

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Redazione AEVF

A new guide to discover the P.D.P and P.G.I products along the Via Francigena. This publication is realized as a special of the Magazine “Via Francigena and the European Cultural Routes“.

The Via Francigena is celebrating its 21st anniversary as a “Council of Europe Cultural Route” (1994) in 2015, the year of Expo Milan, whose theme “Feeding the planet. Energy for life” and the two sub-themes “Food and culture” and “Nutrition and Lifestyle” are fully aligned with the philosophy of the Via Francigena. In fact, this European pilgrim route passes through rural areas that boast culinary delights, such as famous PDO and PGI products.

The Via Francigena, “a way of cultures” to quote Jacques Le Goff’s words, is also a way of agriculture; in fact, its 2,500 kilometres – the largest part of which are in Italy – allow us to discover culture in its broadest meaning, with particular reference to the culture of food, to growing and processing techniques and to soil, which provides basic nutrients.

The “Tasty Stop-offs” special is entwined with the “Pilgrim’s Pouch” project, carried out by the EAVF, Associazione Civita and Azienda Romana Mercati; through the involvement of local producers, the project aims to represent and promote innumerable local delicacies that can be suitable for and appreciated by Via Francigena travellers. We hope that the “Pilgrim’s Pouch” family, a registered trade mark which already boasts more than 50 local delicacies and dedicated outlets along the Via Francigena, will grow to include the local specialities presented in this special issue.  

The guide in in English and Italian

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