Via Francigena

Slow Happy Hour, aperitifs dedicated to cultural routes

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Our dates with slow travel return: from the 25th January 2018 the Gogol’ Hostel in Milan will dedicate one evening per month to a “Slow Happy Hour“, a 4 series event dedicated to the great routes.

Jolly and informal events in which you will be able to meet experts in travel on foot or by bike, to listen to experiences and tales along the great Italian, European and non-European routes, to enjoy photographs and videos, to deepen your knowledge of places, trails and natural environments and to ask for advice for your next journey.

At 7pm on the 25th January the first in the series will begin with a competition between the two great European routes “Cammino de Santiago vs. Via Francigena: may the best win“, with Stefano Mazzotti and Francesca Perani. Each pilgrim will be paired with another and they must exalt “their” route, in the end however they will realise there is truly just the one. The pilgrim’s stories, with their own motivation but similar spirit, of their journey to Compostela or to Rome have been united. 

On the 22nd February, Alberto Conte and Sara Pezzuto with “SantiaGoToRome” will talk about the “counter-current” route which unites Santiago and Rome. On the 22nd March, Monica Nanetti will narrate her first adventurous journey by bike along the Francigena. “If I can do it“: two friends, with the combined age of 112, no sporting background, barely any athletic training and the visionary decision to complete a long journey by bike. A thousand km from Aosta to Rome along the Via Francigena, with the discovery that the hardest part is the decision to leave.

The series will end on the 12th April with the tale of a journey to the most desired destination for travellers: JerusalemAlberto Conte and Susanna Di Ciò will illustrate how they realised their dream of an adventurous journey across Palestine. 

With this series of events the EAVF collaboration will SlowWays continues which, beginning in 2017, saw SloWays as the reference point for travellers and the Milan hostel as a meeting place dedicated to slow travel and a Via Francigena Pilgrim Passport distribution point. The gatherings are free, with the option of a Fusion Aperitif with buffet for €9.

The complete programme can be found on the Movimento Lento webpage. The events have been organised by SloWays, Sogni in Cammino and Gogol’Ostello with the support of the European Association of the Vie Francigene. Partners include: Associazione Movimento Lento and Casa del Movimento Lento. Media partners: Radio Popolare and Action Magazine.

Find info on the complete programme and flyer in the attachment below.