Via Francigena

Signage, maintenance and security along the Lombard tract

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The European Association of the Vie Francigene is working hard in the second phase of work finalised to improve the accessibility of the Lombard tract from Palestro to Pavia. The project is being realised in collaboration with the region of Lombardy to enhance and raise awareness of the walk.  


The verification works on the route and signage, started at the end of spring, are proceeding: the check involves days passed on the route in order to improve the use of the ‘Via’.  Particular attention is payed to the repair of signs are poles accidently torn down by tractors.  It is generally beneficial to carry out a maintenance walk at the beginning of the season and one in the middle of summer, when the vegetation is likely to cover the signage.

Even during these moments, the Via Francigena becomes an occasion for meeting and comparison among pilgrims that crossed paths along the walk: a Lithuanian on the road in the “wrong” direction from Venice to Tolosa; Edit and Emma, Belgian mother and daughter on the road from Ivrea; Jan, a Dutch cyclist on the road from his home that had already travelled 1500 km; Solly and Lars, a young German couple travelling from Mortara, all headed for Rome and very happy that the route is being taken care of.  

The successful maintenance of the route is thanks to the support of the region of Lombardy in collaboration with Itineraria.  The task is present in the project #ILoveFrancigena, a series of events and initiatives of enhancing the Lombard tract of the Via Francigena.  The maintenance will proceed for the next weeks, while for the weekend of the 7-8th October an event is planned from Groppello Cairoli to Belgioioso.  

On this weekend, the European Association of the Vie Francigene, with the technical support of Itineraria will accompany a group of volunteers, which with them will take care of the route, repairing the signage and cleaning the paths.

The trip is free and open to all.  For more information and registration contact