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San Miniato hostel, call for new management

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Over 1500 overnight stays with guests of 32 different nationalities in 2017.

The San Miniato Hostel, inaugurated on the 30th June 2016 and realised with funding from the “Progetto Francigena” of the Region of Tuscany and the resources of the municipality of San Miniato, is looking for a new manager.

The “La Pietra d’angolo” cooperative was completed in recent years and has welcomed many pilgrims and guests in the former printing house in the historic centre of the town along the Francigena. The Tuscan municipality has published the call for a three-year management of the Piazza Mazzini Hostel from the 1st May 2018 to the 30th April 2021.

The Hostel is a bet won by the municipal administration and one of the most important things that have been achieved in recent years – said mayor, Vittorio Gabbanini, and Councillor for Tourism, Giacomo Gozzini – We have recovered an urban void that is not accessible and have made it a place of international hospitality. The Via Francigena is a great resource for San Miniato, it is now and will become even more in the future and for this we are proud of the work over these years which, together with operators and associations, has allowed us to seize new opportunities for the territory“.

The Via Francigena is a resource that has brought many pilgrims to the historic centre and the hostel. The balance of the first phase of the management is positive: in 2017, 1,109 people passed by and 1,529 stayed overnight (these are two different categories of counting attendance, the first refers to the wider reception activity with small groups and stopover points, the second to arrivals with at least one overnight stay).

Not just numbers, the Via Francigena is also a cultural opportunity. Among the hostel’s guests, 32 different nationalities were registered, including Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, Kiwi, Russian, Kazakhs, American, Turkish, Japanese, Mexican and South Korean. The most popular months were July and August.

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Source: press release Municipality of San Miniato