Via Francigena

Route indications during the coronavirus emergency in Italy

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

With regard to the current COVID-19 emergency, information is shared at European and national level to which EAVF adheres.

Dear wayfarer, pilgrim and a friend,

In this moment of Coronavirus emergency, your choices end up impacting others. For this reason, your responsibility is to follow the directives of the health authority: “it is recommended to limit the movement of individuals to strictly necessary cases“.

Precisely because you love the route, you must avoid unintentionally spreading an infection that could compromise access to places for many months and put health of people who live there at risk.”

What to do? Until further notice from the health authority stay at home.

How things will develop also depends on you: everyone’s collaboration will allow us to return to the beautiful Via Francigena as soon as possible.