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Politics on the Way, Tuscany meets with the other regions

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Tuscany on the Way … to the other regions. Regional policies on paths and cultural routes in the regions of central Italy“. This is the theme of the two meetings scheduled for 18th and 19th October at the Abbey of Spineto in Sarteano (Siena).

The event, organised by the region of Tuscany, in collaboration with the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF), will invite administrators and associations for a discussion on the management of the paths and the sustainable development of their territories to plan cultural and touristic policies for the paths and routes that cross the regions of central Italy. 2016 was the national year of Cammini organised by the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism, while in 2017 the “Atlante dei Cammini” was drawn up, with the aim of achieving a uniform management of routes and guaranteeing their practicability for all the organisations involved.

The meetings will begin with an introductory greeting from Marilisa Cuccia, director of the Abbey of Spineto and Vice-president of the Institute for the Development of Historical Abbeys, Francesco Landi, mayor of the municipality of Sarteano and Massimo Tedeschi, president of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways. The session will be introduced by the Councillor for Productive Activities and Tourism of the Region of Tuscany, Stefano Ciuoffo, with a speech on the theme of policies in the Tuscany region and on routes, with the presentation of the Spineto Charter.

To follow, many people will voice their experiences, including: Moreno Pieroni, Councillor of Tourism of the Marche region, Andrea Corsini, Councillor of Tourism of the Emilia-Romagna region, Fabio Paparelli, Vice-President of the Umbria region, Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Councillor of Tourism of the Lazio region, Giovanni Berrino, Councillor of Tourism, Promotion and Territorial Marketing of the Liguria region. The morning will be concluded with a speech from Gian Marco Centinaio, Minister of Agriculture and Tourism who will talk about the government’s policies for the development of routes and paths. The afternoon will continue with five work tables, each dedicated to an interregional route: Via degli Dei, Via Clodia, Francesco’s Cammini, Via Matildica and Volto Santo and Via Lauretana, to which the municipalities interested in those walks will participate.

The 19th October will be dedicated to the association that works for the development of the routes, by comparing the definition of an ethical map of the paths. This will include an interview with Alessandra Priante, Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism, and Giovanni Bastianelli, ENIT Executive Director. The activities and shared perspectives will lead to the definition of the “Carta di Spineto” in which the representatives will find commitments to be carried out in their own areas.

We are proud that the Via Francigena, Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, is an example for the development of other paths – says EAVF president, Massimo TedeschiI congratulate the Tuscany region for having aggregated other regions around a theme this strategically important“.

“With the Spineto initiative – underlines the Regional Councillor of Tuscany, Stefano Ciuoffowe intend to strengthen the relationship of collaboration with our neighbour regions which share the passage of important historical and cultural routes, traversed on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Cammini prove to be a very important and effective “touristic product” towards the promotion of those areas that are most in need of large flows of tourism at a slow pace, motivated by contact with nature, spirituality and physical activity. The crossing of these ancient routes creates a link between Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Marche, Tuscany and Umbria. This initiative will allow us to put common actions in place to improve utility on all tracks so as to respond positively to the renewed touristic and religious interest in the paths“.


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