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Pilgrims Crossing Borders 2015

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Pilgrims Crossing Borders: the pilgrim relay from Trondheim to Rome and Jerusalem. The number of participants will vary from one country to the other, and we expect attendance from “long-haul” walkers as well as “day trippers”.

Celebrating the Beginning
Our relay begins in Trondheim on Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015. There will be a pilgrims’ service in Nidaros Cathedral to mark the occasion. Tormod Tvete Vik’s composition dedicated to the pilgrimage will be performed for the first time by the Trondheim Soloists and the Schola Sanctae Sunnivae Choir. The composition is inspired by hymns from the countries the pilgrims will walk through: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Palestine and Israel. This composition will also be played to celebrate the pilgrims’ arrival in Rome and Jerusalem in October. The bells of Nidaros Cathedral will toll to salute the departing pilgrims on their first lap (21 km). You are all welcome to attend the pilgrims’ service at 11:00 am. Our departure will take place after the church service at 12 noon from “nullsteinen” by the west front of the cathedral.

Our Travel Plan
A brief summary of our  travel plan for the participants who have joined us lately:
We will carry a pilgrim staff and the diary that belongs to it – all the way from Norway to the Holy Land. The total walking distance is more than 3000 kilometers.The walking route goes from Trondheim via Oslo to Larvik, continues on the ferry across Skagerak to Denmark where pilgrims will walk from Hirtshals to Bov kirke near the German Border. Pilgrims will bring the staff from Bov to Hamburg – where there will be an exchange with members of the Förderverein Romweg – Abt Albert von Stade. Fellow pilgrims from the Via Romea Stadensis will be in charge from Hamburg via Stade to Mittenwald where the group will be met by members of the Jakobsgemeinschaft Tirol who will take over the staff and walk through Austria to the Brenner pass. Members of the Via Romea Germanica will walk with us in Italy from the Brenner pass to Rome where we’ll have three days of rest and celebration (14-16 October 2015).

Arrival in Rome
In Rome there will be a concert for pilgrims with music by the Trondheim Soloists in Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista dei Genovesi on 15 October 2015 (Address: Via Anicia, 12, 00153 Roma, Italia). All participants and supporters are cordially invited to attend the festivities in Rome. Please check our blog at where you soon will find a detailed program for the events.

Pilgrimage in the Holy Land
A group from Pilgrims Crossing Borders will depart by plane from Rome to Tel Aviv 17 October. From Tel Aviv we will travel to Nazareth where our walk will begin Sunday morning 18 October. Our walk will go through Israel as well as through Palestinian territory, and much of the program will be organized in conjunction with the Alternative Tourism Group a Palestinian NGO specializing in tours and pilgrimage. Yu will find tentative programs for these walks via this page: Please note that we have two groups with similar itineraries in the Holy Land. More information regarding accommodation, payment, preferred groups etc will soon be sent to participants who have signed up for this part of the pilgrimage. For questions regarding the pilgrimage in the Holy Land, please contact Pilgrim Pastor Einar Vegge (einar.vegge(at)

Necessities and Blessings
To join the relay, you need to have some walking experience and be able to walk approximately 20 km a day for the stages you sign up for. If you plan to walk longer distances, make sure to have days of rest at sensible intervals. As true pilgrims we will stand shoulder to shoulder and help each other when needed. But, in order to be covered against unforeseen circumstances, we urge you to take out an adequate travel insurance just in case.

We believe this walk will be a wonderful experience – filled with adventures, new friendships and cultural as well as spiritual input. We are well organized and ready to contribute along the way, supporters as well as pilgrims. If you have questions, feel free to ask, we are here for you. Our contact details are listed here:

Accommodation and payment
The accommodation will as a rule have pilgrim standard, i.e. basic facilities. The price level will vary from country to country, but we’ll choose reasonably priced accommodation. On some sections you will be asked to pay a deposit when you sign up. This deposit will be deducted from your expenses toward accommodation, so it’s no additional cost. If you want to walk stages from the Brenner pass to Rome, you must pay 30% of the fee when you sign up, the remaining 70% by 31 July 2015. You will find instructions and payment details on this page:

Luggage transport
Luggage transport will be available in Norway (Oslo-Larvik), Denmark, North Germany, Austria and Italy. From Trondheim to Oslo, and from Hamburg to Mittenwald luggage transport can be organized in co-operation between the pilgrims, the local guides and the hostel-keepers. We pay for luggage transport by splitting the costs between us. The price will be without profit, i.e. at cost.

Diary and Social Media
All participants are encouraged to write their names and e-mail address in the small ring binder that follows the relay, or on the last pages of the diary (see photo on page 1). We appreciate your participation and ask you to write a few lines about the stages you cover in the diary. Use the language you prefer. Please be brief and to the point.

When you walk by religious and cultural monuments where “pilgrim stamps” are available, please print a stamp next to your entry in the diary. The diary serves as our Pilgrim Credential.
All participants in the relay, regardless of the length of their walk, will receive a pdf version of our diary when it is complete.

Messages and pictures from participants are welcome on our blog and social media. Please send brief texts and/or photos from your walk directly to our blog or via email to: picrobo(at)
Photos and posts are also welcome on our Facebook page: 

The Purpose of our Walk
Our purpose is to build friendship, engage in dialogue and cross borders literally and metaphorically. Our pilgrimage will symbolize diversity and solidarity, and we welcome participants with different backgrounds and religious denominations to walk together. Cultural events will be organized along the way. We are looking forward to our walk with you, welcome everyone!

Do feel free to share this newsletter that also will appear on our blog:

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