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Festival Via Francigena Collective Project 2012

The project PER VIAM – Pilgrims’ routes in Actions supported the Festival Via Francigena Collective Project 2012. The European Association of Vie Francigene, in cooperation with Civita Association promoted the second edition of the European Festival “Via Francigena Collective Project”, a great festival which gathered many activities organized by the territories, enhancing their outstanding cultural, religious and artistic features linked to the ancient pilgrimage route.

The second edition of the Festival took place from June to September 2012 and gathered more than 200 events. Via Francigena partners in all four countries crossed by this pilgrimage route – Italy, Switzerland, France and England – participated through actions enhancing the local living culture and benefited from a European common communication and targeted promotion of the axis “from Canterbury to Jerusalem”. The final event took place in Canterbury on September 30th 2012.

The Festival represents an important European initiative encouraging active participation of the whole network of Via Francigena. Therefore, the Festival was a fundamental step in the implementation of the European Project “PER VIAM Pilgrims’ Routes in Action” leaded by the EAVF.

Find the brochure of the 2012 edition at the following link:


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