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Now online the new regulations for the use of the EAVF institutional logo and trademark

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Redazione AEVF

The European Association of the Vie Francigene protects and promotes the official route of the Via Francigena, as certified in the Programme of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, as a touristic-emotional product and experience, a European model of excellent results and service.

For this purpose the EAVF has provided a register on a European level for the trademark and institutional logo, in order to safeguard them from improper use and to guarantee uniformity among all communications and all services linked to the association.  

The logo marks the combination of the EAVF institutional activities and is given without charge to the local entities who make a specific request for it by completing the online form.  The logo allows, in particular, the link of the EAVF institutional activities with the Programme of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

The purpose of the trademark is instead to guarantee the visibility of information, reception and hospitality along the route; in addition to products, activities and services responsible for the response to the needs of the users.  The trademark is thus used to immediately identify the Via Francigena, ensuring the social, ethical and environmental values that characterise the route.  
The use of the EAVF trademark, for commercial ends, requires a payment to the EAVF, established in the concession of use.  


Regulations for the use of the Logo and propriety branding of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways

Request form for the use of EAVF logo