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New Via Francigena Poster!

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Redazione AEVF

Via Francigena watercolour poster with vintage drawings celebrates 3200 km of the European route!

This original design was born the collaboration of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways, an illustrator Giuseppe Bottoli, who drew the children’s book “La Francigena narrates”, and Edizioni Studio Guidotti, the EAVF technical partner in charge of the graphic charter.  

This vintage map enjoys stunning drawings of twenty-five famous points of interest and monuments of the Via Francigena. You start your travel from the Cathedral in Canterbury, one of the oldest English cities and the zero km of the Via Francigena, to go down to France via Reims and the Champlitte castle. The route continues towards the Notre Dame de Lausanne in Switzerland, reaching tis highpoint in the Grand Saint Bernard Pass on its way to the Italian peninsula. The final point of the journey is the renowned Saint Peter’s Basilic, depicted on the map with a beautiful drawing. The Sigeric’s journey ends here, in a place where a pilgrim receives the testimonium of his travel. Then you continue to Santa Maria di Leuca, following the Via Francigena of the South on its way to Jerusalem and enjoying the monuments of the Apulian ports. Multitude of places narrate their stories embedded into the Via Francigena architectural heritage.

This poster sends a message of European values and shared identity of the route, uniting countries of the Via Francigena. A great gift and a souvenir for pilgrims who have walked the route or those looking for a travel inspiration. A story of success and accomplishments of local authorises which can enjoy cultural heritage and a physical itinerary on the poster.

This poster will be exclusively sold in our Official Via Francigena Store managed by the Switch Up team, EAVF partner starting from 21 July 2020.

The proceeds from the sale will be used for communication actions and route enhancement projects to create a future Via Francigena based on the memory of the past.