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New Book on the Via Francigena – A Long Way for a Pizza

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

A new book on the Via Francigena: “A Long Way for a Pizza”, written by Brian Mooney is a spirited account of a 76-day journey on foot to Rome. Setting out from his home in Essex, Brian Mooney walks 1300 miles via St Paul’s Cathedral in London to St Peter’s Basilica. He is returning to Italy, which he first knew as a young foreign correspondent. From the open country of East Anglia, through the battlefields of Flanders, across eastern France, over the Jura and Alps and down the spine of Italy into Tuscany, the author is on a quest to learn what kind of pilgrim he is; and he also wants to see what has changed in Italy. Comparing his journey with Hilaire Belloc’s classic The Path to Rome, and reflecting on his experiences of reporting the year of the Three Popes and the kidnap and murder of a former Italian Prime Minister, he comes up with some unexpected answers.

Colourfully and crisply written, A Long Way for a Pizza takes the reader on an ancient journey through the heart of modern Europe.

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