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Never Stop! 40 days to make a dream come true

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

On 20th June, Tuscany Hiking Experience Asd (T.H.E.), launched a fundraising campaign on Eppela for the purchase of a Joëlette, a single-wheeled off-road wheelchair.

The amateur sports association, founded in 2016 and based in Castelfiorentino, is attempting to achieve this goal with the project “Never stop!” Walking together for everyone (read the interview).

Despite an initial general interest, up till now we have not been able to raise the funds necessary for the purchase of Joëlette, a fundamental aid to allow even those with temporary or permanent motor disabilities to share our excursions and a love for nature – explains the association – But because we really believe in it, with stubbornness and determination we gave ourselves another chance, pushed by those who so far have had to say no because we didn’t have the right aids to bring them on excursions with us“.

The Joëlette is a single-wheeled off-road wheelchair, produced by the French company Ferriol Mattrat that allows any person with reduced mobility, adult or child, even if totally dependent, to hike in the mountains and also to participate in competitions, with the help of at least two escorts. It’s an important aid that would allow many adults and children to be able to experience the Via Francigena too. The cost of a Joëlette exceeds 5 thousand euros and everyone needs help to make this dream come true.

Unfortunately, we have little time for crowdfunding platform needs: within 40 days we should reach the goal – informs the association – We’d already like to express an immense THANK YOU. As Tuscany Hiking Experience we have also provided recognition with the amount donated and we assure you that the collection report will be published clearly on our website. Do not leave us alone in pursuing this dream: we need each and every one of you!

Click the following link to access the fundraising page: