Via Francigena

Mystery and Flames in Lucera

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The title of the event gives notice of the union between history and art. The event is organised and represented by the public Theatre of Puglia and it foresees the depiction, with the combination of music and dance, of the holy and profane theme (according to current vision of the pain culture) of the theatre mysteries. These had a great circulation during the Middle Ages, and were the representation of the holy themes of Christianity for the popular and uneducated class, according to the so-called “Biblia pauperum”.

A great project, the one of the public Theatre of Puglia, which is determined to combine art and religion, which have always been pulled both together and distanced. The project is represented by NACT (National Association Critics of the Theatre).

“Mystery and Flames” in Lucera. Art pilgrimages on the roads of the Vie Francigene of Puglia.

The decision of the locations has been instructed by stylistic and planning choices, too. The ancient itinerary of the pilgrimage towards the Holy Land winded along some stages of Puglia, among which also Lucera. An itinerary that the Region and the Province of Foggia, since many years, are trying to promote, thanks to the contribution of many studies about it.

The pièce that will be performed on the 26th September is aimed to represent the theme of pain as a catharsis and research for perfection. A spiritual path, full of material and moral difficulties, that from our land leads to the physical place of Jesus’ martyr, Jerusalem.

The theme of the pilgrimage draws on the ancient routine, because of innate reasons. It is however reconsidered according to a modernising spirit, thanks to the help of modern art, which can be found from the set up of the shows, to visual art and dances, with an international cut.

Six great artists will perform in unpublished works, inspired by the traditions and with the addition of the spice of multiculturalism, both religious and linguistic.

Angélica Liddell, Shoja Azari-Mohsen, Namjoo-Shirin Neshat, Tamara Cubas and Armando Punzo. Six artists coming from four different geographical areas. Spain, Iraq, Uruguay and Italy, in four different cities of Puglia, joined by the ancient safety stretch.


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