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Meeting of the Via Francigena European Committee for Interregional Technical Coordination

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Redazione AEVF

Since 2012 the European Association of the Via Francigena EAVF has promoted cooperation among all the stakeholders along the Via Francigena.The Via Francigena regions crossed by the cultural route participate in the European Committee for Interregional Technical Coordination CECTI which regularly meets for discussions, strategic planning and sharing best practices.  

The Committee facilitates implementation of shared activities for route maintenance, hospitality facilities and services along the route, and communication. The conducted activities ensure engagement of all members of the network and contribute to the label of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

On 28 April 2020 the CECTI meeting with ten regions of the Italian section of the route took place via a video conference.

The regions’ representatives discussed recovery strategies and promotional activities along the Via Francigena in the post-Covid 19 phase. This matter requires a common solution and a shared strategy, in compliance with the governmental and regional directives.

The state of the art of the route and its maintenance at regional level, as well as the update of the regional accommodation lists were also discussed. Two major projects were presented: “Lands of the Via Francigena”, linked to tourism promotion; and a creation of a software for monitoring the flow of walkers along the Via Francigena.

An update about the Via Francigena official guides from Canterbury to Grand Saint Bernard Pass, from Grand Saint Bernard Pass to Rome, from Rome to Santa Maria di Leuca was provided.

The outcomes of the meeting were shared with the representatives of the Swiss, French and English sections for their feedback and suggestions. The executive summary of the meeting will be disseminated to the EAVF members.

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