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Many routes, one language: the new EAVF logo

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

So many routes, one single language. It is from this premise that the new institutional logo of the European Association of the Vie Francigene (EAVF) takes shape.

The association, réseau porteur of the European route, has restyled its own brand. Sigeric’s ancient route is today more than ever a booming cultural, touristic and emotional project and the EAVF also promotes it in terms of communication. From its past to its future, the official logo tells the essence of the cultural route: a physical, spiritual journey, with historical roots that Gianluca Sgalippa, a Milanese designer, has translated with specific stylistic choices.

“Attempting to bring the theme back to a fundamental, original dimension, I traced the concept of the Via Francigena to an idea of ​​physical road, as if it were a perfectly recognisable track. I took great care in creating a visual sign, a rectangle, with the name of the place inscribed inside – says Sgalippa – A choice also linked to the colours used. I pinpointed three levels: a white background, coloured fields upon which I have added the name in white. I used tones marked by a strong degree of darkness because I was interested in recreating a heavy contrast, inspired by mystical medieval imagery”.

“Each colour of the logo has symbolic meaning: blue for the sky, brown for the earth and a cut made by the yellow line that indicates the path between the divine and earthly dimensions. It illuminates the pilgrim its way along the cultural route of the Council of Europe. The Via Francigena is a route that is primarily personal, an all-encompassing spiritual experience and the chromatic contrast translates this type of emotion – adds the designer – I tried to design a visual instrument that was both archaic and contemporary. I compared two different worlds to create a strong narrative.” It is a new version of the logo that preserves and enhances the stylised image of the pilgrim.

Identity and recognition are an integral part of the logo that is part of a wider communication strategy undertaken by the EAVF. In addition to the restyling of the logo, the new identity of Francigena Service has been developed and the graphic part of the project “The Lands of the Via Francigena” (the territories crossed by the great European itinerary) has been launched.

“The international dimension of the Via Francigena and the development of different projects needed a moment of reflection also in terms of graphic and communicative identity – explains Massimo Tedeschi, president of the European Association of the Vie Francigene – The new graphic manual wants, above all, to enhance the logo of the pilgrim, now a brand on a global scale that contains the values ​​of the Council of Europe. This is another step forward to increase the members’ sense of belonging and for all those who support the Francigena network”.


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