Via Francigena

“La Via Della Storia”, a film about a beautiful journey along the southern Via Francigena

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Redazione AEVF

An exciting story narrating about a beautiful journey along the southern Via Francigena is presented by a  Docu-Film ” La Via Della Storia (“The Way of History”), a project produced by an Association Gruppo dei Dodici, an active and committed organization for the enhancement of the Via Francigena in the South.

The plot is inserted in a wonderful landscape and cultural and historical context of the Lazio section of the route, south of Rome.

Anselmo, protagonist of the story, is a contemporary pilgrim who undertakes a journey on the Francigena in southern Lazio. During his journey, conducted through space and time, Anselmo meets templars, sorceresses, brigands.

Splendid images accompany the events, best narrating about the natural beauty and cultural richness of the ancient route : from the Garigliano river, through the Pontine Marshes, the mountains of Aurunci, the Ausones and the Monti Lepini, then through woods and lakes of Castelli Romani, up to the Roman Basilica of St Peter – the travel destination.

The direction and filming are by Domenico Parisse and the screenplay by Giancarlo Forte.

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Below you can find a short excerpt from the documentary, enjoy!