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Invisible energies – Walking from Milan to Rome

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

“Invisible energies – Walking from Milan to Rome” is an exciting title that tells the story of a journey; a route undertaken and narrated by protagonists that wanted to retrace the Via Francigena starting at the Cathedral of Milan and arriving at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

The great on foot adventure, of small steps one after the other, transformed Luca and Mimmo – the first behind the camera and the second in front – into two real pilgrims to the discovery of themselves.  On the road, sometimes long and winding, other times pleasantly direct, the two young explorers were met by the experiences of many others, each with their own points of view that talk about their motives for undertaking the walk.  

All that happened on the journey, each word said and person met, is not part of a script, but is rather the pure and simple will of the case.  The result of the experiment is just an incredible emotional and social experience that unites those who until shortly beforehand were unknown, walking together towards the same goal.

The route that the protagonists of “Invisible energies – Walking from Milan to Rome” is the Via Francigena, that is to say, a part of the tract that leads from France to Rome.  In the Middle Ages meeting pilgrims that travelled along these routes to Rome and to visit the tomb of Peter the apostle, was not such a rare thing; people came from all over Europe.  

Documents that for the first time certify the existence of the Via Francigena date back to the Actum Clusio – a parchment preserved in the Abbey of San Salvatore in Monte Amiata – dating back to the IX century and refers to a walking route situated in Chiusi.  The route was described for the first time however, in the X century by the archbishop Sigeric while he returned to Canterbury after having been received by the Pope.  

All the info on the halls which will show the film, from the 12th October to 5th November, are on the le energie invisibili Facebook page and on the film website.   

Source: Eco del Cinema