Via Francigena

Instagram Live with renowned Italian writer Enrico Brizzi

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On 14 May 2020 the AEVF began a series of live broadcasts on Instagram, speaking about routes and their inspirational walkers.

The first broadcast hosted a renowned Italian writer Enrico Brizzi – an explorer, a passionate walker and a great friend of the Via Francigena!

Brizzi, an internal wayfarer who hasn’t stopped for a moment: on foot from Canterbury to Rome, from Rome to Jerusalem, from the mouth of the Rhine to the Danube by bicycle.

“Walking is a deeply democratic activity – says Brizzi – fatigue is the same for everyone, no matter whether you are a notary or a person looking for a job. You share everything as an equal, it invites you to fraternize with strangers and to get to know your friends. The climb is the same for everyone, the thirst is the same for everyone, the wonder is the same for everyone. In a sense there can be nothing more just and honest “.

Join us for more Instagram lives on Viafrancigena_AEVF!